Passover Ceramic To Go Kits

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Pick your Pieces and paint colors.

Kit comes with brushes, paints and instructions to paint at home.

Return to us for Firing.

Enjoy some creative downtime painting a happy character of your choice. 

With a large selection of paint colors, you can paint your ceramic object in your favorite colors or theme. 

Makes a great gift, or just a fun activity to enjoy with your family. Or get one for your own relaxation. Our ceramic kits include everything you need to create a colorful and personal ceramic character for display.

Need a creative activity for your next gathering of friends? Or maybe an office reward party? We've got you covered! Contact us directly to easily order a selection of ceramic objects or other items we carry for your guests.


  • Ceramic object of your choice
  • Your choice of 3 Kiln Glaze colors
  • 2 brushes
  • Instructions to paint at home